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When remodeling, or making over, a bathroom, larger items, like bathtubs, showers, toilets and sink basins, tend to receive the most attention. It’s important to choose those items with care to be sure they look and function the way you want in your new bathroom, however, the smaller components that make up a bathroom should not be overlooked as, together, they make a big contribution to the overall look and feel of the room.

Bathroom MakeoverBathroom Accessory Sets : Nothing looks worse than a newly remodeled bathroom with old accessories. When you install new fixtures and fittings for your bathroom, don’t forget to get new towel racks, cup and toothbrush holders and curtain shower rings. These small accessories make a bathroom more convenient to use, and they can also compliment the colours and style of your new look bathroom. Chrome is an attractive, durable and affordable material for bathroom accessories.

Bathroom Wall Cabinets : Though it’s possible to paint old cabinets whilst making over your bathroom, replacing them is so easy and inexpensive that it might be a better choice. Bathroom wall cabinets come in a wide variety of styles and shapes. You can choose some that perfectly compliment the look and feel of your bathroom.

Storage Cupboards : These are another great accessory, which are both functional and stylish. They are perfect for storing cleaning supplies and extra towels. Bathroom storage cupboards come in a variety of sizes and materials. You can easily find one that perfectly fits your bathroom’s space as well as style.

Bathroom Mirrors : A mirror is a crucial element in any bathroom. It’s important to get a good quality one, and one which is the right size and shape. These days, you can choose from square, rectangular, oval and circular shaped mirrors. Innovative mirror lighting options make mirrors more functional as well as more attractive.

Toilet Seats : A new seat can spruce up an old toilet, and it can also personalize a new toilet. Soft bathroom seats provide an extra level of comfort compared to ordinary seats. Seats especially designed for families with young children are something else to consider. These are placed in the top lid of the regular toilet seat, and can be easily and safely pulled down by kids.

Bathroom Carpeting : Unless you install under floor heating, bathroom carpeting is perfect for keeping your feet warm in the bathroom. It can also add warmth, colour and texture to your bathroom’s design. Choose a bathroom carpet that’s easy to clean and designed to be used in moist areas. Regular carpeting usually doesn’t stand up to the additional wear and tear for very long. Bathroom carpets usually have a special rubberized type of backing that prevents water damage.