Noise from flights

Question: I am selling my condo. Am I legally required to disclose that my home sits under the flight path of a moderately busy airport? – Louis

A: A 1985 Florida case set the precedent when it comes to home sales and “caveat emptor” (Let the buyer beware).

Based on the outcome of Johnson v. Davis, I advise sellers to disclose everything not readily seen that can affect the value of the property. You could face a lawsuit if you fail to disclose something important to your buyer. If there is any doubt about whether to disclose, you should do so.

Most real estate agents will have a seller fill out a detailed disclosure form to give the buyer. Make sure you fill out the form completely and accurately. Material defects, such as roof leaks or sinkholes, are obvious to disclose, but some issues and reviews, such as airplane noise, can be more subjective.

It’s really a judgment call and depends on how much noise the planes make. If your windows are routinely rattled at 5 a.m. — when a typical buyer would not be likely to discover it — then definitely disclose. If the planes are flying over every 15 minutes during normal business hours when people are viewing the house, it’s not as important to disclose.

Every situation is unique, and adding another sentence to the seller’s written disclosure form is free and easy, so I recommend disclosing every possible defect to avoid problems later. Because you think the noise is enough of an issue for you to be concerned, you might want to let the buyer know.

– Info via Homes for Sale in Minnesota

How to Make Your Room Look Awesome

After putting ourselves through a lot of stress as a result of our day-to-day activities, we all look forward to retiring in our room for the night. However, the room should be more than where you just sleep, wake up, and dress up. Your room also deserves fascinating designs and décor.

Just like every other part of the home, it is important to make our room look elegant and fascinating. In this post, we will give you a couple of design tips to make your room look awesome.

Select the Paint Color Last

Today, you can find lots of paint colors with different tones, tints, and shades. “The variation of light source will affect how the paint will look in your home.” According to A.D. Hays Real Estate.  A paint that looks attractive in a previous room you’ve been may not look attractive in your new room. It is very important to choose a color that compliments your artwork, bedroom floor or rug, upholstery, etc. Hence, the paint color should be selected last after observing the color of the bedroom stuff.

Use Proper Lighting

Lighting your room should be more than just hanging light bulbs. There are various lightings out there that can complement your design. Dim lights with awesome designs are fascinating during the night. Seamlessly fit the lighting into your room décor. You will be really impressed with the new lights.

Hang Artwork on the Walls

Another way to can make your room look awesome is by hanging artwork on the walls. Incredible works of art can make your room more beautiful. There are various designs out there you can go for, including nature, weather, landscape, lush greenery, fountain, beach, and so forth. Careful hang these artworks on your room walls and watch how the place will turn to a center of attraction. However, ensure that the color matches your interior design.

Space out Your Furniture

Unfortunately, the majority of individuals are in the habit of leaving their room untidy. Chairs, tables, clothes are scattered all over. In order to make your room look awesome, it is important that you space out your furniture and give them some breathing space.

Your bed must be probably taking enough space already, it may not be ideal to stuff up the other space with lots of furniture. When choosing your room furniture, go for quality and not quantity. A high-quality sofa will make your room look fabulous while leaving your room spacious enough.

There you have it! The above are some design tips that will make your room look awesome. However, it is important to go for something personal that will make you happy and comfortable anytime you retire for the night. With a pillow collection, art arrangement, and a flawless finish, you can simply transform your room from ordinary to extraordinary.